Work Visa for Russia: Application Process


If you are planning to travel to Russian Federation for work purposes, you will need to get a specific visa that allows work while being in the country. To get this visa, you will also need to receive a work permit for Russia. This visa is one of the most complicated ones to get and is also the most expensive. We are explaining in this article what documents you will need for this visa type and how the whole application process is functioning.


For starters, there are two types of the work visa: single and multiple entry.


The single entry visa is valid for 90 days. To get this visa you need to have a work visa invitation. This invitation is issued on the basis of your work permit.


The multiple entry visa is a bit different. This visa is granted on the basis of the single entry visa for the period of the work permit’s validity (not longer than 1 year). To get this visa you don’t need to leave the Russian Federation. You can apply for the multiple entry visa at the local police office with your new work permit.

The Russian company that hired you and is inviting you to Russia is required to obtain the following documents:

– migration quotas to involve foreign labour force;
– the application to the Government Employment Services;
– the permission to involve foreign labour force;

– your work permit;

– and your invitation for a work visa.


The documents that you need to acquire are the following:

– the copy of your passport with the Russian translation certified by a notary;

– the copy of your diploma with the Russian translation certified by a notary;

– your work visa invitation;

– visa application form;

– photos;

– medical insurance;

– and a copy of an HIV-negative blood test.


The processing time of your work visa and its cost depends upon your profession and your citizenship.


Take your time to carefully gather all of your needed documents and be patient since this process can take a while.