What is Aim Tourism in Russian Visa Application Form?


To put it simply, aim tourism is a short-term trip of up to 7 days with the purpose of conducting business exchanges, participating in exhibitions or auctions, or attending medical examinations or seeking medical advice.



Usually, if you are travelling for business purpose, you will, naturally, need a business visa. However, in order to obtain this visa type, you need a letter of invitation from the inviting party. Getting this invitation can be a time-consuming process. Therefore, people apply for a tourist visa nevertheless. Still, border officials can figure out that the real purpose of travel. This can lead to border official preventing you from entering Russia.



Business meetings are one the reasons for taking aim-Tourism visa


To avoid situations like these, the Consular Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs lets travellers choose “aim tourism” on their visa application form. By choosing this option instead of “general tourism”, the traveller can enter Russia and conduct business matters, such as business meetings, participate in exhibitions and auctions. With this option, the traveller can also seek medical advice or participate in medical examinations.



On the plus side, the aim tourism visa is cheaper and easier to get, unlike the standard business visa.




What documents do you need for the aim tourism visa?



So, you decided that this visa type is exactly what you need. What documents do you now need to collect?



First of all, you will need a tourist visa invitation. Only a Russian tourist company that is enlisted in the federal register of Russian tour operators can issue this invitation. Same visa invitation is also needed for a “general tourism” visa type.



You will also need a health insurance, as well as a photograph to accompany your visa application form.



By applying with Viselio, you can minimise all the paperwork and as a bonus, you won’t need to visit embassy or consulate. Our visa agents will take care of your visa application for you. When the embassy grants you your visa, we are sending it back to you in no time.




Aim tourism visas validity



Aim tourism visas are only for a single entry. However, in special cases, you can receive a double entry visa if you are visiting neighbouring countries during your trip.



This visa type can only be extended in cases of serious illnesses.



Take note of your visa validity to avoid problems at the border when leaving the country.