What Is a Visa?


You may think that in order to travel you only need to pack a suitcase and a passport, but this is not always the case. Visas indicate reasons for staying in the country and they also specify the time period of the stay. Besides student and work visas, most common are tourist, business, transit and residence visas. Visas are valid for a single or multiple visits and they expire after the indicated time period. Sometimes they can be extended, but this is only possible in particular circumstances. So simply put, a visa is a document, sticker or a stamp on a passport which states that its holder is allowed to enter, and stay for a defined time period in the country the visa was issued for.


Applying for a visa usually brings to mind queuing for hours on end and stressing about the documentation, and thinking you look particularly ghastly on the photo you just took.


Depending on the country and its regulations, you may also need to attend an interview or schedule a medical exam before applying for your visa. This can cause more headache and get you thinking – “do I really need to travel that bad?”


The answer is yes because the world is not just your couch no matter how comfy it is.


One particular country that is always fascinating to tourists from around the world is China. The most populous country in the world offers unforgettable places for sightseeing and a chance to explore tastes of true Chinese cuisine that are so good you will forget your sub-par local takeaway. In case you wish to see the Great Wall of China, eat chow mein while walking down the Pozi Street in Changsha, or experience Chinese Lantern Festival, you will need to get a visa for China.


So, you wish to see it all for yourself? Or maybe you want to see other breathtaking Asian countries such as Vietnam, Nepal, India, or Mongolia? In case you are more of a European type of a traveller, we suggest visiting Russia and Belarus. And if you wish to visit Africa, Tanzania is the right place to be.


Whatever your destination may be, here at Viselio we offer a less stressful method of obtaining your visa for any of these countries. All you need to do is fill out our online visa application form and after that, we will take care of everything. During the process of acquiring your visa, we will keep you informed every step of the way. We will check your documentation, queue for you, deal with rude people who cut the line in the queue, and mail you your visa. Quick, efficient, and you don’t need to worry about anything (except packing, you should worry about packing).