Visas via Viselio for new destinations from Germany

We have great news! Starting from January 15th, 2020 Viselio expanded greatly its visa portfolio for the German market.

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A total of 23 countries have been added, and more are to follow gradually. That means that now, in addition to the already existing destinations of Russia, China, India and Vietnam, holiday destinations such as Cuba, Namibia, Ghana, and Nepal are available as well as Lebanon, Bangladesh, Algeria, Togo, Cameroon, Malawi, and Mozambique. Other additions to the portfolio include Liberia, Niger, Chad, Eritrea, Burundi, Guinea, Iraq, Congo, Turkmenistan, Burkina Faso, and Belarus.

So if you’re coming from Germany you will now have an easy entry into 27 countries where the visa requirement is a necessity.

With Viselio’s uncomplicated and fully automated visa application process, the annoying queueing in front of the embassy as well as the time-consuming collection of documents is no longer required.

The applicants only need a computer and 7 minutes of their time to enter their data. After that, the traveler receives an automated e-mail with the pre-filled visa application, which must be reviewed and supplemented if necessary. With one simple click, the visa application will be submitted digitally, no matter whether a tourist or business visa is required. The process is the same for both paper visas, e-visas or so-called “visas on arrival” which are issued directly at the time of entry.

Your passport and documents will be sent back to you within a few days.

The protection of data and the secure storage and transport of passports are guaranteed at all times.

“We are very excited to be able to offer further destinations from Germany from now on. However, this is but an intermediate step, as many more countries are planned in the future. It is obvious why travelers choose our services: our clients save a lot of time and hassle, at the same time avoiding misunderstandings usually associated with the visa application process. They can simply apply for a visa online, irrespective of their current whereabouts. We take care of everything else,” —says CEO Niklas Zeller about the expansion.