How to Fill Out Visa Application Form for China (Updated 2018)


In today’s article, we are explaining to you how to fill out the paper visa application form for a Chinese visa. In case you decide to apply for your visa with Viselio, you won’t have to fill out any forms by hand. We are minimising the entire paperwork for you and making the visa application process a breeze.


But if you wish to go through this process alone, take a look at our in-depth guide.


General Overview


Visa application form for China consists of 4 pages. It is written in Chinese and English. The form consists of 5 parts:

  • 1: Personal Information;
  • 2: Travel Information;
  • 3: Other Information;
  • 4: Declaration & Signature;
  • 5: Only in case somebody else is applying on your behalf.

As stated at the beginning of the form, fill out all necessary information correctly and legibly and tick the appropriate checkboxes.


Part 1: Personal Information


In the first section of the application form, you are to supply relevant personal information. If you don’t have an answer to some question (e.g. you don’t have a former nationality, you don’t have a name in Chinese) write N/A (“not available”) or None.


In some questions, there is an option of “Other” if the rest of the offered answers do not apply to you. If that occurs, you will have to add your own answer. Pay attention that in some cases your occupation will determine the visa type you can apply for (for example, as a pilot on duty, you can only apply for a crew member visa).

Picture 1. Current occupation(s).


See question 1.15 Current occupation(s) as shown in Picture 1. Read it through before ticking what applies to you. You can also see here the “Other (Please specify)” option.


In this part, you also need to supply your photo. It can be of a passport size photo, featuring your face in the centre, without any headgear (except for religious reasons), sunglasses and other similar accessories. Your photo also needs to be in colour and not older than 6 months.


In case you wish to apply for your visa with Viselio and you wish to send us your photo in a physical form, please do not glue it to the application form yourself. Put it in your passport and send it alongside the rest of your documents to us. Our visa agents will attach it once they checked your application form and made sure it is mistake-free.


We also offer a photo editor service. If you wish that we edit your photo, please attach the photo in a digital form during your online application. After we edit it, we will print it and attach it to your visa application form accordingly.


Part 2: Travel Information


In this section, you need to supply all the information regarding your travel. First of all, you need to state the reason for your travelling to China. Question 2.1 Major purpose of your visit as shown in Picture 2, offers a lot of possible answers, so do read them all before ticking the right one.

Picture 2. Major purpose of your visit.


Besides stating the intention of your travels, in this part, you also need to decide on the visa type you are applying for. You can choose between:

  • One entry valid for 3 months (single entry visa);
  • Two entries valid for 3 to 6 months (double entry visa);
  • Multiple entries valid for 6 months;
  • Multiple entries valid for 1 year;
  • Or other (you need to fill in which visa you wish to apply for).


You also need to fill in your planned itinerary for your China trip. This means that you need to write all the places where you are planning to stay while in China and the time periods of each stay.


In a situation when you are invited to China by your Chinese business partner, you need to supply the information about them as well (don’t forget that you need a business letter of invitation in that case).


Part 3: Other Information


Part 3 consists of various questions considering your previous travels to China if any (as shown in Picture 3).

Picture 3. Part 3: Other Information.


After these questions, there is a couple more about whether you are sharing your passport with anybody and to provide information about that person/those persons.


Parts 4 and 5


The last but not least, there are parts 4 and 5 of the visa application. Pay attention to Part 4: Declaration & Signature. This is where you need to sign the document, alongside the date. Your signature needs to be on the Applicant’s signature line.


Part 5 only needs to be filled only in case another person is signing the form on the applicant’s behalf. In Picture 4, you can see how to form is filled when Viselio is applying for a visa on the behalf of our clients. The Signature line underneath is NOT to be signed by you, it is signed by our visa agents. You need to sign as an applicant only the line above, in Part 4.

china visa application form

Picture 4. Part 4 and Part 5 of the Chinese visa application form.


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