Full automatization of Visa Applications with Viselio

In the last three years, we have revolutionized the complicated visa application procedure with our innovative visa management tool – Visa Panel.

We have developed a solution for the integration of Passenger Name Records (PNRs) from Amadeus and Galileo. Thanks to this, we enabled the full automatization of visa applications for TMCs and travel agencies.

The new solution was developed in collaboration with technology partner Funnel.Travel.

It enables Viselio to scan PNRs (all relevant data and processes relating to flight booking) from Amadeus and Galileo, to determine whether a visa or other travel document is required for a particular trip. If this is the case, Viselio generates a visa application directly from the PNR data.

This can then be automatically augmented with further data from third-party systems – such as profile data from Umbrella Faces or from previous visa applications from Viselio. The traveler then receives an automated email with the pre-filled visa application, which contains the already available data and can be completed. With one simple click, the traveler’s visa application is now ready to be processed further.

This way, the process of visa application becomes much easier, and there’s no need for the data to be re-entered.

“Viselio is now present in seven European markets, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Sweden, and the Netherlands, and we are currently working on expanding into the USA. Progress is our mission, which is why it is enormously important to us to keep designing better solutions for all our customers” — says CEO Niklas Zeller.

The integration of Amadeus and Galileo was the only logical step. This new solution is launched in December 2019 and so far, it showed to be of tremendous help.