Vietnam Visa: Extension and Renewal


To prolong your stay in Vietnam, you can either do a visa extension or a visa renewal. Regardless of what you chose, you must apply a couple of days before your visa actually expires since both processes take about 5-7 working days.




The visa extension, while you are in Vietnam, is only possible for tourist visas. You can also receive only a single entry visa even though your previous one was multiple-entry. However, you are allowed to extend your visa several times.



1. Your passport;

2. The temporary residence registration (confirmed by the local police station);

3. Port of your entry;

4. Last date of your entry.


To stay 1 more month – possible only if your current visa is:

1-month single, 1-month multiple, 3-month single or 3-month multiple.


To stay 3 more months – possible only if your current visa is:

3-month single or 3-month multiple.




For the renewal of your visa, you will actually get a new visa in your passport. It takes up a whole page in your passport, so take note of that. Visa renewal fee is, therefore, higher than the visa extension since you are, despite its name, obtaining a new visa.


The renewal of the visa is a great choice for:

-people who entered Vietnam on a visa exemption (they are coming from a country which has a visa exemption regulation with Vietnam, check the full list here);

-people whose current visas are not correspondent with their wished extension of stay (for example they have a 1-month visa, but they wish to stay for three more months).


Possible issues


Nationality can pose a potential problem. Depending on your nationality you will have more or fewer problems with your visa extension/renewal. In case you are a citizen of a country which doesn’t have an option for applying for a visa extension/renewal, you can opt for a visa run.


In addition, always apply via the Vietnam Immigration Department. There are a lot of online agents, but to avoid scams, we are strongly suggesting you go through the official Immigration Department.


The cost of extension/renewal depends on your nationality, your entry port and visa duration.


Before you decide about the additional length of your Vietnam trip, apply for your Vietnamese visa with Viselio for a quick and hassle-free application without queuing at the embassy.