How to Travel Stress-Free


You booked your flight along with your other tickets. Hooray! You’re not stressing just yet, but you still need to pack and check everything. But, this should not be a time when you are panicking about the right amount of socks you should bring. We are presenting you a couple of tips as your guidelines during these trying times.

1. Make a list.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good list. Write down everything you might need and want to bring. And we do mean everything. In that way, you can always consult the list and cross out the things as you pack them. You don’t want to get carried away and pack everything you own.

2. Check entry requirements.

Of course, there are places you can visit without bringing your passport. But for the rest of the world, you need it, including even a visa for some countries. This should be checked before booking everything. The process of acquiring a visa can take time. So, inform yourself in advance and avoid unpleasant surprises.

3. Stop overpacking.

Pack clothing that can be mixed and matched. If you are travelling by plane, check the liquids limit and pack them in a separate pouch. If you can, try to pack everything in a carry-on. It’s less stressful, and who needs two big suitcases anyway? Also, pick a comfortable outfit for the journey, especially comfortable shoes. Don’t try to mimic celebrities on the airports; comfort above all when travelling is the best motto.

4. Plan as much as you can beforehand.

To save time, you should check in advance all the places you want to see. Make sure to download maps of your destinations, or get them at your hotel’s lobby or at a tourist information spot. It’s a good idea to book visits to very popular tourist attractions in advance so you won’t get stuck in long queues.

5. Charge everything!


Your phone, laptop, camera and any other electronic device you may need should be charged

Your phone, laptop, camera and any other electronic device you may need should be charged. But, you don’t want to risk losing anything, so if you are not on a business trip our advice is to leave your laptop at home.

6. Check the weather of your chosen destination.

This is super easy nowadays thanks to the many weather apps. Keep in mind that based on the transportation of your choice, it can be too warm or too cold during the journey. 



Have a safe trip!