Tips & Tricks: Visa Interview


You applied for your visa and the officials called you for an interview. What now? No need to panic, as we have selected few tips for how to go through the interview.


This is a more in-depth conversation with a visa officer about your reasons for travelling to the specific country and to clear out any uncertainties in your visa application.


Here are our tips:

– Answer all questions shortly and truthfully;

– Bring the copies of all relevant documents to the interview (know where everything is in your folder, so you can quickly show the needed document to the visa official);

– Stay on topic, give straightforward answers;

– Don’t be late! You will receive the exact time and date of your interview, so be on time or arrive a bit earlier to the embassy. The officials have a lot of interviews during the day, so you will leave a good impression if you get there on time;

– Dress appropriately for the occasion, consider this a business meeting;

– Stay relaxed.


Special cases


In case you wish to travel as a tourist to some particular countries that have a bit stricter visa regulations (such as Russian Federation or the US), you will need to explain that you are not an immigrant. To do this you need to give strong reasons for returning to your home country after your planned stay in the US.


As a student, you need to know all details of the educational program for which you are applying for. Explain why you cannot study the subject of your choice in your home country. But most importantly, explain that you are going to work in your home country after your studies and that you are not planning on staying in the country you are travelling to.


Also, don’t leave the impression that your family will need you to support them financially while you are staying in the foreign country since your visa will most certainly be denied. You cannot work on a tourist or a student visa (volunteering and student-related work don’t count).


If your visa does get denied, ask the visa officer for a reason. Don’t forget to try getting a written explanation why your visa was denied in case you need it for business or other purposes.


Don’t get your hopes down as you can always apply again.