Svalbard, Norwegian archipelago, with a name that literally translates to “cold edge”, is the only visa-free zone in its entirety in the world. The only grounds for deportation are a lack of means of support or violation of laws and regulations.

The popular tourist spot, Chinese island Hainan, from 1 May 2018 will welcome more tourists since the visa-free regulation will be expanded to 33 more countries.

Since the start of the new Belarus visa-free regime, many tourists have decided to visit this European country. Most of these tourists are German citizens.

On 9 June 2017, the European Council agreed on a general approach on the proposal for a European travel information and authorisation system or, simply, ETIAS. It will be necessary for non-EU visitors.

Did you ever dream of a vacation in China, but getting a visa seemed like a hassle to you? Well, your dreams can become a reality in case you wish to visit Hainan Island or take a cruise to Shanghai.

Since February 2017, citizens of 80 countries, most notably citizens of the EU and the USA, are allowed to stay up to 5 days in Belarus without a visa. These countries are mostly Belarus’ strategic partners.