Visas for China are written in both Chinese and English. Chinese visas are design-wise the most interesting ones. Under the Chinese coat of arms is a drawing of the Great Wall of China, the most popular Chinese tourist attraction.

Information on the Russian visas is also in two languages, Russian and English. Russian is written in Cyrillic, including the Cyrillic version of the applicant’s name. Here is what the Russian visa looks like.

Like all other visas, Indian visas have information written in two languages, Hindi (one of the official languages in India) and English. These visas also hold the photo of the person who applied for the visa. Once you get your processed visa always check all the information.

Visas vary from country to country when it comes to their designs. But they usually all carry the same information. Each information that is on the visa needs to correspond with the information stated in the passport. Here is how the tourist Vietnamese visa looks like.