Meet Mirjana. No matter the communication tool (telephone, mail, chat), Mirjana will offer help and will try to find the best possible solution suitable for each individual customer. If you are in doubt, Mirjana will help you.

Meet Miloš. As a software developer, he is in charge of developing our website and making sure that everything is functioning as it should. He is working on the back-end and the front-end of our website.

Meet Nikola. As an automation engineer, he is the go-to person for the process of the business automation. Another side of his work is involved with helping Viselio grow. Nikola is also working on coordination with the marketing agency.

Meet Marija. As the chief operating officer, Marija is in charge of overseeing day-to-day operations and that all processes run smoothly ensuring that the team members are meeting their deadlines.

Meet Boris. As the chief technology officer, Boris is making sure that all technical questions for are covered. He has a whole array of tasks ranging from engineering to managerial work.

Meet Đorđe. He is a software developer. His main tasks include the development and maintenance of our website, but he also does a lot of testing and evaluation as well as the improvement of the implemented software.

Meet Nina. She is usually hanging out with TIM (Travel Information Manual), also known as “The Book”. Nina is collecting all the valuable data from it. In this way, we have all the necessary information to offer to our customers.

Meet Lidija. Lidija talks all day long. No, really, she does and she has to since her job is helping our customers out. She answers all kinds of questions, whether they are asked via e-mail, telephone or chat.

Meet Vladimir. In developer’s language, Vladimir is coding the front-end of our website. In simple English, he is in charge of developing the website’s look. Vladimir is working closely with web designer Brankica.

Meet Nevena. Nevena’s main task is finding every little detail that may be required of our clients regarding their visas. She is researching all the possible situations that our clients may have to deal with.