Relatively unknown today, Nellie Bly was a true star during her time. This woman is a pioneer of investigative journalism and also lead an industrial company. But, Bly is mostly remembered for travelling the world in 72 days.

One of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century is, without a doubt, Amelia Earhart. What happened to her? We may never know. But the mark she left in the aviation history will forever be remembered and celebrated.

This destiny could’ve befallen Roald Amundsen as well. But he decided against it, dropped out of medical school and pursued his true vocation. And managed to enter the history books while doing it.

In past times, there were daring women who didn’t care what society may think of them. They most certainly didn’t accept the notion that travelling was only the privilege of men. One of these exceptionally brave women was Dame Freya Stark.

Humble throughout his life, Edmund Hillary managed to achieve some of the world’s greatest records. The biggest of them is, of course, being the first person who managed to climb the Mount Everest and lived to tell the tale.