During their recent meeting in Nairobi, Alain Berset, President of the Swiss Confederation, and Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta agreed on the opening of the Kenyan embassy in Bern this year.

There are many celebrations due in April and, therefore, embassies and visa application centres will be closed accordingly. Make sure to apply for your visa on time and avoid the holiday craze.

From 16th until 19th February, Chinese visa centre in Berlin won’t be working due to the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Diplomatic missions are instituted in foreign countries to maintain the cultural and economic relationship between the countries. Countries are financing their missions, but the missions themselves are earning an income through consular fees.

New Year and Christmas are approaching and embassies and visa application centres won’t be working during some days in December and January. Viselio’s office in Bern will be closed on 25th, 26th, 31st December and on 1st January.

Did you know that the Russian embassy in Berlin is the first project built in the post-war years in the East Berlin? This embassy is a unique architectural piece and its history is quite interesting.

Have you ever found yourself puzzled by these names without a clue where you should actually go? Telephone lines are always busy and nobody is answering your emails. Today’s article will help you distinguish between these terms.