Interested in extending or renewing your Indian tourist visa? You can apply for tourist visas only at Indian Visa Application Centre or at an Indian mission outside India. In other words, it is not possible to get a new visa while being India.

The main aim of the electronic visas is to boost the tourism. The electronic visa will be introduced on all Russian Far East airports, except ones who are not equipped with the technology for processing the e-Visas.

The Estonian IT sector’s newest creation in progress is called a “digital nomad” visa. This new visa type has a goal of enabling people to work (mainly in the tech industry) and travel in Estonia for a year.

The country of Oman is planning to implement new visa regulations starting from March 21. To make things easier, Omani government will be, therefore, introducing e-Visas. The maximum stay of the single entry tourist visa will be 30 days.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will start issuing the long-awaited electronic visas in the following weeks. These visas are, however, only for tourists of the specific countries. These visas will be only for single-entry.

Egypt introduces electronic tourist visas during the Cairo ICT 2017 conference. President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi expressed his belief that this will make a change and that Egypt will welcome more tourists in the future, reports Egypt Today.

Indian e-Visa is a rather notorious phenomenon in the Internet waters. There is an ongoing trend of fake websites who are claiming that they can get an Indian e-Visa for you. And they usually can, but you will end up robbed.

For each of this e-Visas, a scanned biography passport page is required. Depending on the visa type traveller is applying for, they will need a medical or business letter. An application for e-Visa must be made at least 4 days before the journey date.