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What Shipping Methods Does Viselio Offer?

We always take special care of your personal documents and for shipping them back to you we are using Swiss Post’s secure methods of shipment and the express courier service Swissconnect. Which method we are going to use for sending your documents is entirely up to you.


A Mail Plus is the first option that we offer our customers. A Mail Plus includes Track & Trace, an efficient electronic status of your letter. You can easily check where your documents are on the Swiss Post website until they arrive at your door. A Mail Plus means that the delivery is on the next working day and it includes deliveries on Saturdays as well. For example: if we send you your passport and visa on Wednesday, you will receive them sometime during the day on Thursday.
Another advantage of this shipping method is that the documents are left in the recipients’ letterbox or P.O. box in case the recipients are not at home to take the documents themselves. Postman is not leaving the collection note, so you won’t have to go the post and wait in line to get the documents.


Registered Mail is another shipping option by Swiss Post. You will have to sign the delivery proof when receiving the parcel as this kind of mail has to be delivered to the indicated person and at the indicated address on the package. With this kind of shipment, there is also the option of Track & Trace. Delivery is on the next day of posting, except on Saturdays. It depends if the P.O. boxes are emptied on Friday. If they are, you will receive your package on Saturday. In case they are not, you will receive your package on Monday.  


Swiss-Express “Moon” is the third shipping option by Swiss Post that we use. It’s called ‘express’ for a reason – mail gets to you by 9 a.m. on the next day, including Saturdays. In case you need your documents back quickly, this is the best option for you. Moon shippings are delivered throughout Switzerland but excluding Samnaun, Büsingen and Campione.


Last shipping option that we offer is through express courier service called Swissconnect. This courier service is used for sending documents on the same day of posting. This is for really urgent situations. Your documents will reach you in 90 minutes or several hours depending on your address. On the Swissconnect website, you can track the whereabouts of your documents at any time. How does Swissconnect function? Very simple. After collecting the package, the courier is taking it to the train station from where your package is securely transported by train. From there another courier will collect it and depending on your location will get to you by bike or car. You will also have to sign upon the delivery for your package.


According to the time frame you need your documents back once your visa is processed, choose the shipping method accordingly. No matter which option you pick, your documents will reach you on time safely and efficiently.

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