Russian Visa Contents


Information on the Russian visas is also in two languages, Russian and English. Russian is written in Cyrillic, including the Cyrillic version of the applicant’s name.


Here is what the Russian visa looks like and what information can be found on it.

russian visa



(1) Russian coat of arms;

(2) Name of the country that is issuing visa (in Russian and English);

(3) Photo;

(4) Date of visa issue;

(5) Entry and exit dates;

(6) Duration of stay (for example, this visa is valid for 5 days);

(7) Visa type (this visa is single entry);

(8) Nationality;

(9) Visa ID;

(10) Name of the traveller;

(11) Passport number;

(12) Date of birth;

(13) Gender;

(14) Invitation number (invitation is a mandatory document whether you are applying for a tourist or business visa);

(15) Purpose of visit (this visa is for tourist purposes);

(16) Invited by (the name of the company or individual that is inviting you to Russia);

(17) Additional information;

(18) MRZ (Machine-readable zone) of the visa.


Once you get your processed visa always double check all the information on it.


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