Russian Far East Airports May Introduce e-Visas


The main aim of the electronic visas is to boost the tourism in the Far East and to lure potential foreign investors to this part of Russia, which is one of the underdeveloped territories.


This e-Visa practice was already tested at Vladivostok seaport last year. The electronic visa will be introduced on all Russian Far East airports, except ones who are not equipped with the technology for processing the e-Visas at the moment.


Currently, the e-Visa is functioning at the seaport and airport of Vladivostok. From January 1st 2018, the electronic visas are introduced as well as on the couple other ports, railways and road checkpoints. You can find the full list on the official e-Visa website.


The Russian government approved the first draft about allowing foreign travellers to enter the country with e-Visas on the Russian Far East airports, but it is not yet implemented.


A traveller needs to apply on the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at least 4 days before their date of entry. The visa will be valid for 30 days after the approval. However, the applicant can only stay for 8 days in Russia.


These e-Visas for airports will be available only for citizens of the following 18 countries, as stated on the official website:








-The People’s Republic of China

-The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea




-The United Arab Emirates


-Saudi Arabia