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Russian Business Multiple Visa: How to Get It and What Documents You Need

Russian business multiple or multi-entry visa is a bit of a hassle to get. (What is exactly the difference between the tourist and business visa? Check it here.) 


In order to receive this visa, first of all, you will need an official invitation. You can get this invitation in three ways:

-from the Main Directorate for Migration Affairs which is a part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation;

-from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation;

-or from the Russian organisation which invited you to stay in Russia.


In case you weren’t granted a single or double-entry Russian visa in the past two years, your visa application consideration will take much longer. If you decide to apply with Viselio, the processing of your invitation for the multiple entry business visa will take a minimum of 25 working days. This is why we offer our customers to opt instead for a double entry business visa. The invitation for this type of visa is immediately available. But if you already have the original invitation from any of the above government bodies, we can issue you an express business visa without delay if you contact us at hello@viselio.com.


If you are going to receive the invitation from the organisation, it has to be done on the official form with the following information:

– your personal information such as first name, last name, date of birth, nationality, gender, purpose and duration of your visit, number of entries, the route you will be taking;

– information about the company or the organisation that is inviting you: full legal name, address, tax-payer number, registration number, name and position of the person which is signing the invitation and the organisation’s official stamp.

If you already received your invitation, check if it contains all of the above information.


Other documents that you will need are pretty straightforward:

– your valid passport with at least two blank pages for the visa;

– your passport also needs to be valid for the next six months after your visa expires;

– filled out visa form from the website https://visa.kdmid.ru and it has to be printed and signed by you;

– a colour photograph;

– medical insurance policy valid for the territory of Russian Federation;

– a copy of your Swiss residence permit if you are not a Swiss national (this is not required for nationals of the USA and Lichtenstein).


If you are not a Swiss national you will need:

Swiss permanent residence permit which is valid for more than 90 days if you are a national of any of the following countries: Albania, Bahrain, Venezuela, Haiti, Egypt, Ireland, Lesotho, Libya, Macedonia, Mali, Mexico, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Japan;

Swiss unlimited residence permit or other equivalent document if you are a national of any of the following countries: Algeria, Angola, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Georgia, India, Iraq, Iran, China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ruanda, Syria, Somali, Chad, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia.


After you prepared all the required documents, you will need to visit a visa centre, embassy or consulate. Be patient since the officials may need more of your documents. They also might invite you for an interview or extend the processing time of your visa.


Pay attention that you cannot stay in Russia on a multi-entry business visa for more than 90 days. After 90 days of your stay are up, you will have to leave the country for 180 days. After that period, you can return to Russia for the next 90 days.


In case all of this looks complicated and time-consuming, we are offering you a solution. With just a few clicks you can order your visa online, without waiting at the embassy and worrying about your documentation. Here you can find our Russian business visa form and after you fill it out, the rest is up to us.

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