Having Problems with the China Visa Application Form? Here’s the Solution (Updated 2018)

Your China visa application may be declined due to only one small mistake. To avoid this, we compiled a list of the most usual mistakes people make to help you not repeat them during your own visa application process. Save your time and minimise the chance of getting your visa application rejected.





Applicants usually have the most problems with the Occupation section. We will explain to you how to fill out this section accordingly depending on your current occupation.


In the section 1.15 Current occupation(s) depending on the option you checked, you will need to fill out the section 1.17 Employer/School accordingly.

Current occupation(s)




a) In case you check in the section 1.15 “Self-employed”, you shouldn’t leave the section 1.17 Employer/School empty. You should fill out this section with the information about your business in the “Name” field including the nature of your business in the brackets.

b) If you are currently unemployed, you should write the name of your previous employer and add a “(Previous)” next to it to indicate that you are not at this place of work anymore.

c) Are you in retirement? Write “None (Retired)” in the field reserved for the employer name.

d) In case you are a housewife, write “None (Housewife)”.

e) If you are filling out the visa application form on behalf of your child, write “None (Infant)”.


Something else that you should keep in mind is to not use abbreviations when writing your company name. Unless you are working at a highly well-known firm, such as DHL, H&M and similar, please stay clear of abbreviating company name.



Purpose of visit  


Your paperwork MUST match the major purpose of visit you selected in section 2.1 Major purpose of visit. For example, you cannot choose the tourist purpose of the visit while your paperwork indicates business purposes or vice versa. Please, check if this is in correlation so this won’t be the cause of your visa rejection. You are allowed to choose one type of the visa during your application and to conduct business or travel for the purposes for which each of the visas is specified for. You can check the required documentation for tourist and business China visas by visiting our website.


Major purpose of your visit



Period of stay


For tourist visas (L), business visas (M) and non-commercial visas (F) duration of stay is usually 30-60 days. Duration of stay is decided by the Chinese consulate. Therefore, in section 2.5 Longest intended stay in China among all entries, don’t write more days than it is usual for the visa type you selected. You are not allowed to stay longer and you cannot overstay your visa. You may face various fines and even prohibition to travel to China for a certain time period. To avoid all that, comply with the typical duration of stay for your type of visa.

Longest intended stay



Hotel information


In section 2.6 you MUST write the name of the hotel(s)/hostel(s) where you are staying at, address and city name. This information needs to be the same as the one on your hotel confirmation or invitation. You cannot put here private accommodation or Airbnb in case you are applying for a tourist or a business visa. In case you are staying with your family or friends, you should apply for a private visa. For more details on this visa, you should contact your local Chinese consulate or embassy.

Itinerary in China



Signing the form


One of the most important parts is signing the form. It seems that this is confusing people the most so here is the explanation.

Your signature MUST be in section 4, precisely in 4.3, where it is stated Applicant’s signature. Write your name on the line and you’re good to go. You need to sign here even if another person filled out the rest of the form for you.

china visa application form
Declaration & Signature

ONLY in case a parent/guardian is filling out the form on behalf of a child, the parent/guardian needs to sign both the section 4 and section 5.



Printing the form


For the final step, make sure that you print your completed visa application form the correct way. It is not rare that people accidentally print out the form wrongly and top or bottom get cut off. Before you start printing, check the settings and margins of the document.