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If you ever needed a visa, chances are you know how unnerving that whole process is. First of all, you have confusing and overflowing paperwork. Do you need this paper or do you need that one? Might as well bring a whole batch, you don’t want to take any chances.

Your China visa application may be declined due to only one small mistake. So, we compiled a list of the most usual mistakes to help you not repeat them during your own visa application process.

Thinking about exploring Russia by car? This can be quite a feat, but not impossible. Nevermind if you are travelling to Russia by car, or if you are going to rent a car once you get there, you will need lots of documents.

Great news for all travellers who have their heart set out to Oman: now this country is offering a 10-day tourist visa for only 5 Omani rials, which is approximately 13 CHF.

India is, without a doubt, one of the most popular tourist destinations. Its interesting culture, delicious food, colourful scenery are all luring travellers each year to come and visit this magical country.