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How to Pack and Send Us the Documents Properly

You applied for your visa with Viselio and received your checklist. Now you need to send us the required documents including your passport. But how should you exactly do that?


Check your documents

First of all, please check the documents before sending them in order to prevent any delays. Check if everything is filled out correctly, see if there are no mistakes, make sure to sign the visa application form where you are supposed to, check your passport’s validity as well. Also, in case you are applying for a business visa, make sure to check if your invitation letter and/or introduction letter are signed (in case you are not ordering them with us). Once everything is looking as it should, you can start packing them.


Seal the envelope

Your documents should be packed in a stable envelope so that they are secured. Make sure to seal the envelope properly, because we will not be responsible for the damage to the documents.


Now how to send them? We highly recommend that you send your documents by Registered Mail. This way your shipment is insured against any damage and loss. Also, you will receive a tracking number which enables you to check where the shipment is located and whether it has been delivered to us.


Please contact us before sending any documents by courier. All shipments should be addressed to the post box, in order to ensure timely handling of the documents.


Choose your envelope carefully

It is very important to choose quality envelope



Why are we writing this?


For Viselio providing quality is the most important value. Quality, in this case, means participation in all parts of the visa process.

Sometimes due to bad envelope quality, torn envelopes arrive via mail at our offices. When this is the case, a passport can be damaged in the shipping process. This is not something our clients wants to happen.

Often clients send us more than one passport in one envelope. This is the main reason why torn envelopes arrive at our offices.

We understand which is the reason for this cause. Therefore, we want to provide you with additional information regarding choosing envelope types.

Because of all of this, it is very important to Us that you choose your envelope wisely and send us your passport/passports in an envelope of better quality.


Importance of GSM when choosing envelopes?


Grams Per Square Metre is a measure that can be translated as the weight of a single sheet of paper size 1×1. Higher this number is, the paper is heavier.

This GSM measure is directly linked with the durability of your envelope.

90GSM-100GSM is a basic average envelope, used for the postal system.

We recommend you use the envelopes that are at least 110GSM-180GSM. This is especially important for the clients that send us more than one passport at once.


Viselio Offices

Depending on where you are, these are the addresses of our offices. Make sure to double check the address!



Viselio AG c/o Visa Handling Services GmbH

Friedrichstraße 58

10117 Berlin



Viselio AG c/o Visa Handling Services GmbH

Rennweg 33B

1030 Vienna



Viselio AG c/o AVS allvisumservice GmbH

PO BOX 2054

3001 Bern



Viselio by VALS

19, rue de Condorcet

75009 Paris


The United Kingdom:

Viselio by Universal Visas

PO Box 67508

EC1V 7ET London

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