Oman Now Offers Cheaper 10-Day Tourist Visas


Great news for all travellers who have their heart set out to Oman: now this country is offering a 10-day tourist visa for only 5 Omani rials, which is approximately 13 CHF.


Since this visa’s cost was 20 Omani rials before the new decision took place, this is a considerable change in price. “The OMR20 visa fees were too high. It is good that the visa fees were brought down”, said the representative of one tour agency according to Times of Oman.


There are three different types of tourist visa that Oman offers. They are:

  • 10-day visa, which costs 5 OMR, approx. 13 CHF;
  • 1-month visa, which costs 20 OMR, approx. 51 CHF;
  • 1-year visa, which costs 50 OMR, approx. 128 CHF.


Earlier this year the decision was made that all future tourist visa applications need to be done through the Royal Oman Police e-Visa website.


The ultimate goal is to make the visa process as easier as possible for the travellers in order to attract more people to the country and to help develop the tourism sector. This will also bring more foreign investment into Oman.


Another new addition that is introduced is that there is now a possibility to change your visa type. Fee for this is 50 Omani rials and this is non-refundable.


Don’t overstay your visa. For every visa category, the fine for overstaying your visa in Oman is now 10 Omani rials per day.



Places to see while in Oman 


Besides numerous archaeological sites all around the country, Muscat, Oman’s capital city, offers various forms of entertainment.


The most popular site for tourists is probably Al Alam Palace of Sultan Qaboos. Tourists are not allowed inside, but taking pictures is permitted.

Detail of Sultan’s Palace


Don’t miss local markets, also known as souqs. The most famous one is the Muttrah Souqs in Muscat. Here you can find an abundance of hand-made trinkets and souvenirs.

If you have adventurous spirit, you can try desert exploring on camels


Oman is also well known for its beaches. If you are more of an adventurous spirit, there are safari tours and desert exploring either on camels or 4×4 vehicles.