Learn Russian Language with Liden & Denz

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Russia is an incredible destination, a country with rich cultural heritage, amazingly diverse nature and vibrant metropolises. Knowing a bit of the Russian language will make your experience of discovering Russia all the more rewarding, and getting around a bit more convenient. But it’s not an easy language to master on your own!


Our partner Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages teaches Russian language St.Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk, Riga and online. Liden & Denz in an internationally-accredited, award-winning school with over 26 years of experience, its own modern and recognised teaching materials and a special platform for live lessons.


They are kindly offering a free trial online lesson and exclusive promo code for all packages for our clients.


Sign up at learn-russian.com to get a free live Russian lesson!


If you wish to learn a bit more Russian, use these promo codes to get an exclusive discount:


3540 – 20% off single lesson (27.20€ instead of 34€)

3640 – 20% off 10 lessons package (232€ instead of 290€)

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Online courses are conducted by the same teachers using the same lesson content and teaching methods as the regular classes in Liden & Denz institutes, just using an e-learning interface customised to the needs of remote students.


Check out the Liden & Denz online lessons platform learn-russian.com, their main website lidenz.ru, or contact bookings@lidenz.ru for more details.