Kenyan Embassy to be Opened in Bern



During their recent meeting in Nairobi, Alain Berset, President of the Swiss Confederation, and Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta talked over mutual efforts against corruption. Also, they discussed health care and agreed on the opening of the Kenyan embassy in Bern this year.


President Kenyatta talked about plans of opening the Kenyan embassy in Bern by the end of the year. This will happen precisely by October, as reported. This comes as no surprise since two years ago Switzerland inaugurated a new embassy building in Gigiri, Nairobi’s neighbourhood.


“[…] I believe that opening of that embassy will not only improve and facilitate our people to people contact but will also enable more tourists from Switzerland to easier travel to Kenya, as well as establish a deepening of cultural and diplomatic ties between our two countries”, said President Kenyatta. This will considerably shorten the time necessary for issuing visas to Swiss citizens.


Besides this topic, Mr Berset and Mr Kenyatta also touched upon the issues of refugees, corruption and working together towards bettering the health care in Kenya and strengthening the social security of its people.


Kenya’s development is of interest to Swiss investors and this can open gates to further business relations as well. Kenya is one of Switzerland’s five most important political and economic partners in Africa. These ties can be traced back to 1963, as Switzerland was one of the first countries to recognize Kenya as an independent republic.


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Press conference



The full video of the press conference from Kenya News Today can be found below.