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Introduction to PointsPay payment system

Viselio is a fully automated online visa service provider that simplifies the process for obtaining a visa. No more nasty paperwork and long waiting in lines. In just a couple of minutes, you can apply at viselio.com by filling out our online visa form. When your visa is granted we will send your passport together with your visa back to your home address. While, in the case of eVisa application, we will send it in an email.

Applying for a visa was never easier than with Viselio!

We are constantly improving our services and are proud to say that we have a collaboration with PointsPay.

PointsPay is a global mobile e-payment solution for points and miles that has brought virtual currency to the market. You can turn your miles into cash and use your collected miles for online shops and service providers, such as our company. You can spend or collect your favourite miles and points when purchasing online.


About PointsPay


PointsPay is a payment channel that allows to burn and earn points from loyalty programs such as American Express, Etihad guest, Miles & More and many more.

The PointsPay programme is offering lots of benefits and transforms your online purchase into a highly profitable experience.

If you become a member of PointsPay you will:
– own a secure personal account and it’s for free;
– have a detailed view and be in control of your transactions;
– get easy access to all of your programs and points balances;
– and gain exclusive offers and promotions.


How it works


First, you have to log in with your account credentials. If you don’t have an account you can create a PointsPay account in a couple of steps. Then you can choose whether you want to spend or collect points with your purchase. In order to pay or collect using your miles, you just need to confirm your transaction. Doing this will bring you back to the site.

If you do not have enough points in your PointsPay account you can opt to pay part of the amount in cash using your payment card and part of the amount using your miles.

When you choose the perfect trip on our website, you need to select your visa type, flight, accommodation and additional details concerning your journey.
If you are happy with your purchase, just proceed to checkout. There you can choose between different payment methods, like a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or you choose PointsPay.

In this case, you will be asked if you want to “use all or some membership rewards points” for your purchase and effortlessly transform your miles into cash. You just have to choose PointsPay as your payment method when finalizing your visa application. Easily click on the logo or a co-branded logo containing the PointsPay on our checkout page.
Here you have the choice of how much points you want to spend, as soon as you made your decision, simply select “Apply”.


Advantages of PointsPay



Keep in mind that whenever you use PointsPay as your payment option at our website, you have the freedom to:

  • Save your money and use your loyalty points for your online purchase.
  • Keep your points and collect more of them when paying your purchase with money. The choice is yours with PointsPay!
  • If you want to reach a higher Tier status, you need to collect more miles. Then you will have the opportunity to progress to Silver, Gold and finally Platinum status and enjoy even more exclusive benefits.
  • You just have to choose PointsPay as your payment method when finalizing your visa application.


Meet Viselio


We understand how difficult and complicated it can be to apply for a visa. Too much paperwork, outdated visa procedures, too little information, missed deadlines and many other problems.

For this reason, we created an online visa form, as the best solution to the visa application process. We are using innovative technology, to enable a fast application process with our user-friendly form to provide only the very best for our customers.

Viselio collaborates with different companies in the travel industry, just like PointsPay.

PointsPay gives you the advantage of collecting points at our online visa service.
In order to access your benefits and use your miles from PointsPay at our website, you just have to look out for the Points & Miles symbol and click on it.

Now you can enjoy the trip!

If you have any additional questions simply contact us at hello@viselio.com and our customer support will help you.

Visa application in just 7 minutes
via our fully automated visa form.