India Visa: Extension and Renewal


Interested in extending or renewing your Indian tourist visa? Read on.

You can apply for tourist visas only at Indian Visa Application Centre or at an Indian mission outside India. In other words, it is not possible to get a new visa while being in India.



You cannot extend the e-Visa, it starts once you enter India and is valid for the indicated duration. Regular tourist visa can only be extended in special cases, such as medical emergencies, accidents, someone stole your passport or other personal documents, etc. In case this applies to you, you should get in touch with the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office. Since recently, you can extend your visa online.



Usually, they will give out an extension of 14 days. Documents you will need:

– two passport photos;

– your passport (or another travel document in case your passport got stolen);

– letter from the hospital (in case you are having a medical emergency).


Besides these cases, there are a couple of cases where you can extend or even change your current visa type. For more questions, you need to contact the Ministry of Home Affairs in New Delhi.


In case a foreigner married an Indian national, their tourist visa can be changed into X visa. The X visa is the entry visa given to people of Indian origin and foreign spouses of Indian nationals. Documents needed to apply for this visa are a copy of the marriage certificate and a report from the local police station about the marital status.


Minor children of Indian citizens or persons of Indian origin who entered India with a tourist visa can change their visa to X visa.


Foreigners who have a sudden serious medical condition or emergency can convert their tourist visa to a medical visa. The only document that you will need is a medical certificate from the government recognized hospital.




Employment and student visas can be renewed in India. In both cases, the applicant needs to give a proof of employment (such as a contract) or a letter from the university where they are enrolled. The advice is to submit the application 60 days before the expiration date of the current visa. The applicant can renew their visa either at the registration office or on the website of the Bureau of the immigration department.