Health Insurance Confirmation for Russian Visa


You are preparing your documents for your Russian visa and one of the supporting documents is a health insurance confirmation. Do you send the copy or the original? What does it need to contain? Here are all the answers to your questions.


This document is necessary to send in order to get your Russian visa. You can send either the original or the copy; it doesn’t matter as long as your medical insurance is valid.


The information that has to be present in your health insurance policy is:

– the date when the policy was signed;

– the number of the policy;

– your full name;

– full details of the company that insured you;

– the list of medical and medical-transport service that are provided;

– the insurer’s signature.


Make sure that your health insurance is valid for the Russian territory. It can also be valid for worldwide or for Europe, of course, including the Russian Federation. Your health insurance also needs to cover the duration of your visa when it comes to single and double-entry visas. In case of multiple entry visas, your health insurance can cover just the duration of your first trip.


Keep in mind that some risks may not be covered by your health insurance, so to avoid any inconveniences check everything with your insurance company or insurance broker.


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