What Happens After Your Visa Expires While Being Abroad? (Updated 2018)


Ever thought of ending up in a situation like this? This would probably be one of those worst case scenarios, but it is not impossible. Many things can lead up to this, such as a change of the flight without a warning in advance, sudden illness and other mishaps. In case you do end up in a similar position, here is what is most likely expecting you.


Worst Case Scenario #1


You are stranded in Russia. Your visa expired and you have no idea what to do. Depending on the border officials and your luck, you will have to pay a fine and be able to go. There are, however, some mentions of an additional fee for each day you overstayed. To avoid all these unpleasantries, if you see that there is no chance of you leaving the country on time, apply for a new Russian visa or extend the one you already have.


Worst Case Scenario #2


You are stranded in China. The laws are strict here and do try to leave China before your visa expires. If you fail to do that, you may get blacklisted for up to 10 years. What does this mean? You won’t be allowed back in the country during the indicated period.

In case your misdemeanour is more severe, e.g. you stayed in China for a month after your visa expired, you may face incarceration.
If we are talking about few days of an illegal stay, you will have to pay a fine and apply for an exit permit.


Worst Case Scenario #3


You are stranded in Vietnam. When it comes to overstaying your visa, the situation in Vietnam is similar to Russia. Border officials will look down upon you, maybe take you away for questioning and ask you to pay the fine. This fine can vary as the Vietnamese border officials are known to charge as they please. Get your visa extension or book another flight if you don’t feel like paying atrocious fees.


Worst Case Scenario #4


You are stranded in India. This is the trickiest scenario. You will need to possess the nerves of steel and a penchant for dealing with bureaucracy.

Before you are allowed to exit the country, you will need to gather a number of documents and deal with various administrative officers. The main thing to take away from this is to never overstay your welcome in India.

In case you do, the documents you will need to prepare are the following:

– write a detailed explanation why you overstayed;

– fill out and print an online exit application;

– take photos of yourself;

– the hotels where you stayed at need to fill out forms as well;

– the police clearance certificate that you need to get at the local police station;

– the payment of the fine.




Always, always put the longer time of your planned duration of stay before submitting your visa application in case something unplanned happens.


Don’t break the rules of the visa regime of the country you are visiting. You may get a stamp that will forbid you to enter that country again since you broke their law.


Plan your trip in advance and always have a backup plan. Check your visa and the dates.


In case something looks wrong on your visa, ask the border officials immediately on the spot. Don’t wait until you are about to leave the country.

Try to avoid visas on arrival in general since there is a higher chance of a mistake being made, besides queuing for a long time. However, if you already decided to give these visas a try, find out more on how to obtain visas on arrival here.


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