The Difference between Tourist and Business Visa

The Difference between Tourist and Business Visa

Business or pleasure? You know when you hear that sentence in the movies that the protagonist’s answer is most probably a lie. Well, the reality is that nobody will actually ask you that. Your visa is showing the reason you are entering the country (in case you need a visa). So, the main guy would actually need a visa and a business invitation letter in case he is travelling to settle down some serious business issues. Real life is, sadly, another story and in order to get any of these visas, you will need a lot of documentation.


Tourist Visa


What’s the difference between tourist and business visa? As you can probably tell just by their names, they serve different purposes. A tourist visa is needed if you wish to travel for leisure or if you are visiting family and friends. Also, you can travel on the tourist visa for medical treatments and for attending recreational classes, hobby or sports related.


Business Visa


Business visas are harder to get. First of all, you will need an official business letter of invitation from your foreign business partner or from a professional organisation. On a business visa, you can attend business conferences, conventions, meetings, and other business-related events. Likewise, you can negotiate contracts, do trade, and carry out business purchases. You can even interview and hire staff during your stay while on the business visa.

Of course, there is also a price difference between these two visas, with business visas generally being more expensive. In some cases, you will need a return or forward ticket to present to the border officials. For example, if you are planning a business trip to China, you will need to have a booked flight and a hotel/hostel reservation as a proof of your stay and a definite date of your departure in order to get your visa for China. On the other hand, to receive your Russian visa, you will need a letter of invitation both for tourist and business visa. Anyway, you should do a thorough research before applying for either one.


Follow the Rules


Make sure you are following permissions for your visa. For example, you cannot work with a student or tourist visa. In case the officials find out that you are misusing your visa, they can order you to leave or deport you. Depending on the severity of your case you may even spend some jail time. So, try to avoid scenarios like these.

With these practices, you are also risking to be blacklisted. This means that you won’t be able to enter the country in question. For how long, it entirely depends on the border officials. China is the most rigorous one. If you get deported, you will be forbidden to cross China’s border for 10 years. If you just get ordered to leave the country, you will probably be blacklisted for a much shorter amount of time, for example, 2 years.

In any case, play by the rules and you won’t have any problems.