Collaborative Form Filling – The Future of the Visa Industry


We all know that applying for a visa, filling the necessary application forms and getting all the additional documents is something that is never enjoyable. During the process, the traveller has to enter the same data over and over again. All that in order to complete all the necessary forms and documentation. Most of the data, however, is already around there somewhere. Whether in the flight booking, the hotel booking, the travel agent’s back office system, some traveller profile and in many other potential data sources. Still, you have to write your same personal information in each of these forms over and over again.


Viselio’s advanced collaborative form filling technology is changing all of that.  


“The process is very simple. That was what we’ve been aiming for. Fewer complications, more satisfied customers. The data transfer between the booking systems and Viselio helps in filling the large part of the visa application form in advance”, explains Niklas Zeller, Viselio’s CEO and co-founder.


He further explains the process in detail: “For example, our partner Umbrella Faces, which is a traveller profile software, stores profile data from its customers. Viselio can use this data once the customer starts the visa application. Therefore, the applicant won’t waste time filling out the information about themselves since most of the information is provided already in their Umbrella Faces profile”.


Filling in basic data, such as the passport number is done only once. Then we use it to create all the necessary documentation. Questions are quick and straightforward. A large chunk of them are “yes” or “no” questions. Customers can fill out the application in just a couple of minutes. Most manage to do so in under 7 minutes!


“Travel agents and tour operators have the possibility as our partners to fill out the forms manually or semi-manually if necessary in order to change the entered data before sending the half-filled forms to their customers for finalising the applications”, says Zeller. “This is what we are calling the collaborative form filling. Our partners can start visa applications on behalf of their customers and afterwards, they can send it to them. Customers then take it from there and they can continue filling the forms with their shipping address and rest of the needed information.”


Of course, the perks of this considerable time saving are enjoyed by customers who are travelling with tour operators or travel agencies who are partnered with Viselio.


Besides saving an incredible amount of time, the collaborative form filling increases the overall precision. It is also minimising the possibility of making a mistake. This leads to a reduced number of rejected visa applications. There are fewer chances of customers having to do everything all over again by themselves.


“Days of filling out the forms by hand are definitely behind us”, concludes Zeller.


Check out Viselio’s offer and apply for your visa today.