Chinese Visa Contents


Visas for China are written in both Chinese and English. Chinese visas are design-wise the most interesting ones. Under the Chinese coat of arms is a drawing of the Great Wall of China, probably the most notable tourist attraction of this country.


Here is what the tourist Chinese visa looks like and what information can be found on it.



Chinese visas are design-wise the most interesting ones



(1) Which country the visa is for;

(2) Visa identity number;

(3) China’s coat of arms;

(4) Visa category (this one is “L”, which is a symbol for the tourist visa in China);

(5) How many entries are allowed (this visa is valid for only one entry, therefore it is a single entry visa);

(6) The date before which you can enter the country;

(7) Duration of each stay;

(8) The date of visa issue;

(9) Where the visa was issued at;

(10) Full name;

(11) Date of birth;

(12) Passport number;

(13) Additional remarks;

(14) MRZ (Machine-readable zone).


Once you get your processed visa always double check all the information on it.


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