Dreaming of backpacking through Vietnamese jungles, experiencing fun city life in China, or simply dreaming of sunbathing on a cruise in Russia? Depending on your dream destination, you might need a visa in order to make this dream a reality.

We all know that applying for a visa, filling the necessary application forms and getting all the additional documents is something that is never enjoyable.

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Are you travelling abroad with your child, but you are not sure which visa documents you need to collect?

Vous partez en voyage à l’étranger avec votre enfant, mais vous ne savez pas quels documents de visa vous devez recueillir ?

Ever thought of ending up in a situation like this? This would probably be one of those worst case scenarios, but it is not impossible. Many things can lead up to this, such as a change of the flight without a warning in advance.

Find your passport and open the first page. Under your picture and your personal information, you will find two lines of letters, random numbers, and a lot of the ‘<’. You can clearly see your name, but what do the rest of those characters mean?

Vietnam tourism sector is working towards making the ASEAN (Association of the Southeast Asian Nations) visa policy happen. This visa policy is planned to include Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Visas vary from country to country when it comes to their designs. But they usually all carry the same information. Each information that is on the visa needs to correspond with the information stated in the passport. Here is how the tourist Vietnamese visa looks like.

We always take special care of your personal documents and for shipping them back to you we are using Swiss Post’s shipping methods and the express courier service Swissconnect. The choice of shipment is entirely up to you.