World Cup is in full blast and we are cheering along. While you are waiting for the games, here are some fun facts to read in the meantime.

Svalbard, Norwegian archipelago, with a name that literally translates to “cold edge”, is the only visa-free zone in its entirety in the world. The only grounds for deportation are a lack of means of support or violation of laws and regulations.

Entry or exit is indicated by a direction of an arrow on the stamp: if it points to the right, that denotes exit and vice versa. They can be stamped in green, red, orange, blue, pink and sometimes black ink.

The short answer is: yes. The long answer is: it depends upon the country and their passport regulations. In case of the dual citizenship, it is totally valid for a person to hold two separate passports.

Diplomatic missions are instituted in foreign countries to maintain the cultural and economic relationship between the countries. Countries are financing their missions, but the missions themselves are earning an income through consular fees.

Diplomats enjoy the perks which diplomatic passport carries, which includes visa-free travelling to almost every country on the planet. However, diplomats also enjoy the traffic right-of-way and are often accompanied by police escort.

Did you know that the Russian embassy in Berlin is the first project built in the post-war years in the East Berlin? This embassy is a unique architectural piece and its history is quite interesting.

Relatively unknown today, Nellie Bly was a true star during her time. This woman is a pioneer of investigative journalism and also lead an industrial company. But, Bly is mostly remembered for travelling the world in 72 days.

‘Beautiful’ and ‘passport’ don’t usually go together, right? But, before you reach the end of this article, you will change your mind. It was hard to choose, but we picked five most interesting ones with unusual and intricate designs.

One of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century is, without a doubt, Amelia Earhart. What happened to her? We may never know. But the mark she left in the aviation history will forever be remembered and celebrated.