Are you travelling to Vietnam? Great! The visa application form for this country is one of the easier ones. It is only one page long and pretty straightforward. Let’s get right into it.

After the proposal to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the visa exemption extension is renewed for 5 European countries: the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

To prolong your stay in Vietnam, you can do a visa extension or a visa renewal. Regardless of what you chose, you must apply a couple of days before your visa actually expires since both processes take about 5-7 working days.

There are alternatives to the regular Vietnamese visa. These alternatives are visa on arrival (VOA) and e-visa. In today’s article, we are introducing you to the Vietnamese visa on arrival.

Ever thought of ending up in a situation like this? This would probably be one of those worst case scenarios, but it is not impossible. Many things can lead up to this, such as a change of the flight without a warning in advance.

Vietnam tourism sector is working towards making the ASEAN (Association of the Southeast Asian Nations) visa policy happen. This visa policy is planned to include Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.