Both China and the United Kingdom have a history tale as long as time and a cultural spirit that leaves many travellers breathless. However, when we are talking about travelling from the UK to China, there are some things like china visa you should know before you pack your bags. If you decided to travel from […]

In order to travel to China for tourist purposes, Swiss citizens require a China tourist visa. The visa must be obtained before departure at the responsible consular office in Switzerland. In this article, we will explain you step by step on how to receive your visa for China.

In order to travel to Russia for tourist purposes, Swiss citizens require a Russia tourist visa as well as the non-CH nationals that have a residence permit for Switzerland. In this article, we will explain you step by step on how to receive your visa for Russia.

Tibet, a mystic land, was always at the top of wishlists of all travel enthusiasts and adventurers. However, getting there can be a bit tricky. Today we are explaining to you how to get there.

Are you travelling to Vietnam? Great! The visa application form for this country is one of the easier ones. It is only one page long and pretty straightforward. Let’s get right into it.

Your China visa application may be declined due to only one small mistake. So, we compiled a list of the most usual mistakes to help you not repeat them during your own visa application process.

Thinking about exploring Russia by car? This can be quite a feat, but not impossible. Nevermind if you are travelling to Russia by car, or if you are going to rent a car once you get there, you will need lots of documents.

India is, without a doubt, one of the most popular tourist destinations. Its interesting culture, delicious food, colourful scenery are all luring travellers each year to come and visit this magical country.

To put it simply, aim tourism is a short-term trip of up to 7 days with a purpose of conducting business exchanges, participating in exhibitions or auctions, or attending medical examinations or seeking medical advice.

Are you bored of Kremlin and Red Square? Are you tired of Moscow? Today’s article is all about other interesting cities, including some cultural attractions that you shouldn’t miss while in Russia.