Become a Viselio Partner


Are your employees often travelling for business? Do you have a lot of customers to visit abroad? With Viselio you can minimise all the administrative work concerning visas.


We integrate into your processes and we will secure a full integration of the existing travel policy. You will have the access to the Viselio Visa Dashboard where you can track your success rate. Not only that, but we are also offering detailed reporting, including volumes (how many visa applications were processed), which destinations were most popular, additional products and so on.


Besides all that, we will provide you with a visa widget for your intranet. What does this widget contain? With just a few clicks, people can check with the help of the visa widget if they need a visa for their chosen destination. The widget also includes information about the embassies and consulates on European territory.


We also offer to rebrand our services in a white label manner.


All traveller and trip data can be shared with other travel providers, such as booking systems, traveller profile tools, group travel tools, mid-office tools.


And all that with attractive rates which are based on volumes and invoicing on a monthly basis or either direct payment with lodge card.


In case you have additional questions, please reach our customer support specialists. They are available for advice on telephone, email and chat.


Find more information on our website or contact us!

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