7 Tips to Enjoy Your Vacation More


Packing the right clothes may seem like the biggest hassle when it comes to preparing for your trip, but here are some additional tips to keep in mind that will make your journey a breeze.


1. Get Information


Find out as much as possible about your destination, either by asking your family or friends who already travelled there, by inquiring at a travel agency or by simply googling. This will save you from missing out on a great sightseeing spot or a local delicacy.


2. Visa Requirements


Check whether you need a visa for your chosen destination and if you do, which kind of a visa. Usually, people either need a tourist or a business visa (in case you are not sure which one is the right one for you, check out our article about their differences).


For some countries, you need to present additional documents alongside your visa application form. For example, for Russia, you need a health insurance confirmation.


In addition, for certain countries such as Russia and China, you need a letter of invitation. Take note that both for tourist and business Russian visas this letter is mandatory.


Also, in case you are travelling with your children, you should have the information which documentation is needed for their visas.


Check if you should register once you enter the country (read about the registration process in Russia).


Applying for a visa can be a long and stressful process. That’s why we decided to make it as simple as possible. With Viselio you can apply for tourist and business visas for China, Russia, Vietnam and India. Apply online without going to the embassy and receive your passport back with a visa in no time.


3. National Bank and Public Holidays


Check whether there are any holidays during your planned stay. This may affect public transportation, banks’ and shopping malls’ working hours.


Don’t follow in my footsteps; one time when I was in Poland during their national state holiday, I waited for 45 minutes for a bus without knowing that it was cancelled. I would keep on waiting if it weren’t for an older lady who somehow explained to me in Polish that I was waiting for nothing.


Also, make sure to apply for your visa in advance since embassies and visa application centres will probably be closed or with different working hours.


Check whether there are any holidays during your planned stay


4. Tipping Etiquette


You definitely wish to avoid social blunders while being abroad. Tipping is one of those. While Vietnam and China have no tipping culture, Russia and India are different when it comes to it. In India, there is a service charge enlisted on the bill, but this does not go to the waiter. Therefore, tip either 5% or 10%.

In Russia make sure to give your tip to the waiter if you wish. If you leave it on the table, it will go to the owner of the cafe or the restaurant.


5. Popular Tourist Attractions


Popular sightseeing places can be overcrowded with people. It is a good idea to purchase your tickets in advance to avoid spending a whole day queuing for them.


6. Transportation


Find out what options there are when it comes to the public transportation around the city or the country. See where you can buy the tickets and their prices and plan your itinerary.


Find out what options there are when it comes to the public transportation around the city or the country


7. Travelling to the Neighbouring Countries


Are you making more stops on your way? Check the regulations in case you are travelling to more than one country. For example, Russia and Belarus don’t have an official border (plans to introduce a mutual visa for these countries are ongoing) and travelling by land between these two countries is not possible.


On the other hand, travelling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen includes a special visa on arrival.


And there you go! A couple of tips you should consider to have a peace of mind. We wish you a happy journey!