5 Things to Remember When Preparing a Corporate Meeting Abroad

corporate meeting

Are you organising an international conference or a business meeting? It isn’t an easy task, that’s for sure, especially if you are having a lot of foreign guests. Choosing a good destination is also important. Once you decided on one, these are some of your next steps.



Know the customs


When welcoming a large number of people in a foreign country, the language may be the biggest problem. If you chose a country where, for example, English is not the major speaking language, you might want to learn a couple of local phrases. Also, if your guests are not speaking English or other major languages, hire interpreters, so everybody can follow your event without trouble.


Every country has its own culture and customs. It would be a nice gesture to provide handbooks with a map and few key phrases of the country in question, as well as general information about the country, such as cultural fun facts, the currency used there and local food specialities.



Travel documents


A valid passport is a must. Visa is needed for some countries, so make sure to inform yourself and your guests about it. Getting a visa can take some time. Therefore, plan everything accordingly, so that your guests have enough time to apply for their visas and receive them before their trip. If you send all the necessary visa information beforehand, this will leave a lasting impression on your guests, even though they need to manage the additional task.


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When it comes to business visas, the business invitation letter is one of the required documents. Viselio can help you with that as well. You can order the invitation letter on our website, and once it is granted, we are sending it to the embassy together with the rest of your visa documentation. As simple as it gets.



Meeting agenda



Create a meeting agenda that isn’t exhausting


Create a meeting agenda that isn’t exhausting. Give people enough time for surviving the jet-lag, but also time for exploring the country where the meeting or conference organisation is. You can also organise excursions or similar sightseeing activities. Find recommendations when it comes to museums, galleries, restaurants and other places.



Share the experience


It happens, but unfortunately, not everybody who is invited will be able to attend due to previously arranged meetings or unexpected events. Therefore, it would be a good idea to hire a cameraman or a camera crew who will film the event. Later you can publish the video on Youtube or some other video sharing platform either publicly or by using the option “unlisted” and just share the link to the chosen group of people.


This way everybody can see what they missed out on. Also, people who attended can look back at the meeting/conference to catch everything they might have missed the first time around.



Evaluate your success


It is important to have feedback and to know which aspects can be improved next time


After your conference/meeting program is all set and done, make sure to prepare a follow-up questionnaire. Ask attendees to give out answers to a few questions. This way you can know what went well and what not so much. It is important to have feedback and to know which aspects can be improved next time. Don’t let the negative comments discourage you, it will only help you in organising a better event next time.


Thank you for reading!