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On 14th March, European Commission has published a press release about adapting the Common EU Visa Policy since new challenges presented themselves. This policy covers only short-stay visits to Schengen area.

You applied for your visa and got called for a visa interview. What now? No need to panic and stress about it, as we have selected few tips and tricks for how to go through it prepared and confident.

To prolong your stay in Vietnam, you can do a visa extension or a visa renewal. Regardless of what you chose, you must apply a couple of days before your visa actually expires since both processes take about 5-7 working days.

The main aim of the electronic visas is to boost the tourism. The electronic visa will be introduced on all Russian Far East airports, except ones who are not equipped with the technology for processing the e-Visas.

In case you find yourself travelling from Hong Kong to China, specifically to Shenzhen, we have some good news for you. You are not obliged to apply for a regular visa as there is a special Shenzhen visa for cases like these.